Closed event broadcast


Closed event broadcast

OKT System allows you to hold events with closed access by ticket.

You can customize the design and description of your event on its personal page to your liking.

For your event, you will have access to detailed statistics and information about tickets, a poster generator, a broadcast panel and much more.

Our system protects your broadcast from unauthorized viewing.
Several people will not be able to watch your event with one ticket.
Оne ticket - one spectator.

Make events in comfort thanks to our support and the system's intuitive interface.

We work for you and your viewers.
Make events – get income

OKT news

In the Wake of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments of all countries are ONCE again calling on citizens to stay at home. We understand how hard it is for everyone right now. To support event organizers, we offer discounts of up to 70% on our rates. The promotion is valid for everyone. Stay in touch with your viewers!
Verification is now available for each organizer. Her status will be displayed in her personal account, as well as in her public profile.
The update includes performance and security improvements, optimization of algorithms and design, improvement and elimination of some problems, as well as other fixes.
The events have a rating. You can view it in the "Event statistics" section. The rating is calculated on a five-point scale based on the ratings given by the audience at the end of the event. To make the assessment objective, only those viewers who attended the event can leave it.
A new item "Your public profile" has appeared in your profile in your personal account, in which a personal link is posted. This page will contain information about all your current events. You can publish it for your viewers and they can independently follow your activities.
To add dynamics to your broadcasts, we have created two new modules in the broadcast panel of the event: "Screensaver" and "Chat".
A splash screen is a module for creating a personalized overlay background for an event. You can use it to wait, pause, break, and more.
Chat is a module for posting an event chat right on your broadcast. You can display messages from your viewers from the chat to the screen. Customization of design styles is available.
Previously, the text color on the event page was determined automatically by the system, But now you can choose the color yourself or choose from the options that the system offers. The choice is limited only by Your imagination, because the system will automatically select The shades of the color you choose in the places where they are needed.
There is a big environmental problem in the world. Many large IT companies do everything possible to preserve it by optimizing their production. OKT was not left out. Since we provide online services and do not spend any natural resources, we can only optimize some points so that you save your resources, namely paper. We have changed the structure of the printed version of event statistics, which will reduce the print size several times. Saving paper - take care of nature.
The update includes performance and security improvements, optimization of algorithms and design, improvement and elimination of some problems, as well as other fixes.
Previously, the organizer always received notifications about each purchased or registered ticket. This is convenient, but not always. For example, If you are hosting a free event and you have more than 1,000 registered viewers, this number of notifications may interfere. This is why we have added the ability to disable notifications about ticket purchases. This setting will be enabled by default. You can disable it on the event Statistics page.
Now statistics will also be available at the end of the event. We remind you that statistics become available immediately after the event is created, and are closed after the event is deleted from the events Panel.
Until today, the event statistics included insufficient information for professional Analytics. With this update, we have tried to provide the organizer with the maximum information available, while not violating the rights and privacy of viewers. Analyze, calculate and keep your sales at a high level!
We have fixed and improved some parts and modules of the system to make them look even better than before!
Are you broadcasting and want to get feedback from viewers? You can ask them to leave a review after the event ends, but what if you want to interact with the audience during the broadcast? Specifically for this purpose, the OKT team has developed a secure chat for events. You can enable it when creating an event and when editing it later. Communicate with the audience directly during the broadcast. The chat has a built-in Mat filter, so you don't have to worry about censorship. All messages are protected and encrypted and no one except Your viewers will get access to them.
You have often seen that the time for certain events is specified with the time zone specified, for example, MSK. Agree that it is not convenient for everyone to adjust to someone else's time zone and calculate the time. It often happens that people do not even notice that the time is not specified in their time zone. The OKT system can solve this problem! Now all event dates will automatically adjust to the time zone of each viewer.
You created an event and now you want to spread the word about it? One of the best ways is to create a poster, but it is usually very difficult to find a designer and order it, especially if the event budget is small. And then what should I do? Opt out of the poster and make a text ad? We at OKT tried to create a solution for you and this is a new module "Billboard generator". It became available in the events Panel when you click on the event image. You can edit the name and description for the poster and then our system will create a ready-made poster in high resolution, which is not a shame to put on display!
Now Your event page will become even more personalized for your event. Let your colors dominate the page. New minimalistic, strict design. Now texts on the site automatically change color to match the dominant color of your banner.
We present you a new interface for the event broadcast panel. Now it is even more convenient to navigate it. We have also added new tips and recommendations for setting up your broadcast. We have updated the interface design in the player for you and the audience. Now he was even more beautiful than before.
We have completely updated our streaming server! Now the quality of your broadcasts will be even better, and the security level will be even higher. We fully guarantee that it is impossible to copy or intercept your broadcast from our server. your broadcast is 100% protected.
We have added the ability to purchase business accounts. They are intended for brands or organizations whose activities are related to with activities. You can sign up for a monthly subscription with a fixed price and create any number of events for free!
The subscription will be made manually by the administration. For a request, contact
Let it be even more comfortable for you! Now you can choose the site's color theme in your OKT profile. Choose the one you like.
In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, governments of all countries urge citizens to stay at home. What to do during forced self-isolation? This is a great opportunity to enjoy watching online events! For you, friends, we offer a 70% discount on the purchase of an OKT license. Stay in touch with your viewers!
-"It's good when it's beautiful!", our designers thought and decided to review the design of our event panel. We present you a new, panoramic, clean and aesthetic design! Let it be even more pleasant for you to keep track of statistics and customize your event.
In order to make it easier for your viewers to remember, and it was convenient for you to write on the poster, we changed the type of links to events! Now the links have a convenient, familiar look for users. They are shorter and easier to remember. All links of the old type do not lose their functionality.
OKT takes care of your safety. We have strengthened our security algorithms on all pages of the site. Your data is now protected by double encryption.
For our favorite customers, the OCT system has become more accessible! Now you can create a page for your event yourself by filling out the form on the website. No need to wait, coordinate and check.
Closed beta testing of the OKT portal was conducted. According to the results received from the testers, there are no malfunctions or errors. The functionality of the OKT portal has been verified and its functionality has been documented.


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